Laboratory Services

Continental Carbon Company's Houston Technical Center performs a wide range of analytical tests and characterizations for carbon materials and performance properties in a variety of applications.

Methodologies include, but are not limited to, standard ASTM test methods for carbon black, rubber and plastic applications. Nonstandard testing and characterization methods for product and applications development are extensively supported at the Houston Technology Center.

Rubber compounding and mixing services are conducted with laboratory scale Banbury and micro mixing equipment required for conventional and customized/experimental mixing procedures. Rubber testing is preformed in standard ASTM as well as customer generic and proprietary test formulations.

Rubber testing capabilities includes stress-strain, hardness, cure characteristics (MDR), Mooney viscosity, Mooney scorch, abrasion testing, variable temperature dynamic properties (tangent delta, loss modulus, elastic modulus, and complex modulus), rebound resilience (Zwick rebound), compression set, carbon black dispersion, and processing characteristics (MDPT).

Rice University Partnership

CCC’s team of scientists continue to maintain partnerships with Rice University and the Universite de Haute Alsace which provides access to sophisticated characterization methods such as HRTEM, SEM/EDX, AFM/STM microscopy in polymer matrices, Inverse Gas Chromatography and X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy.

You may call the Houston Laboratory Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm to receive pricing information.

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