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Science Technology

With expansion into the specialty carbon materials domain, Continental Carbon stands poised to develop key new products for use in electronic components, sporting goods, specialty packaging and textiles taking advantage of the superconducting properties of advanced carbon products.

A leader in the carbon industry, Continental Carbon has assembled a team of highly experienced scientists and engineers in carbon technology research and development. This team is focused on the development of innovative carbon products and the creative engineering required for new commercial applications.

Technology Center

Based at the Houston Technology Center, the team supports our current customers and products in addition to the sales and marketing development for new products and applications.

The Center houses extensive analytical instrumentation, rubber compounding and testing equipment. Specialty analyses such as transmission and scanning electron microscopy are conducted at Rice University.

The Company's team continues to develop a variety of patentable or licensable technologies for carbon materials manufacturing and new products with commercial implementations on a global basis.

Houston Technology Center


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