What is Carbon Black?

Over the years, many materials have been used as fillers in rubber compounds. In this sense, filler is a diluent and is used primarily to lower volume cost. With use, all fillers modify certain physical properties of the compound in addition to lowering cost. Therefore, lower cost is generally achieved at the expense of other desirable properties and all compounds are compromises with various trade-offs considered and balanced by the compounder. Elastomer systems respond to the addition of a few fillers, termed reinforcing agents, in a way that enhances certain properties. Among such substances used in rubber compounding, carbon black is unique in its ability to significantly enhance the properties of nearly any base elastomer system while...

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Carbon Black User's Guide

This guide summarizes essential health, safety, and environmental information for operational design, maintenance, training, emergency response and handling practices that may be associated with the use of carbon black. The information contained herein is provided to supplement the knowledge of trained and qualified users of carbon black.

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Carbon Black Composite Data Sheet